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Well My move in day is coming up. It's making me sad, excited, and nervous all at the same time.. UGH!! Anyways. I LOVE my boyfriend. Right now anyways lol. He's the greatest. Well today me, tricia, crystal, and Unicorn went to see I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry. It made the 2nd time I watched it. It's very good!! I highly recommend it! It's very pro gay.. Definitely not anti-gay. While watching this movie it made me think a lot about Gay bashers and people who claim to be big time christians. Well if I had a chance this is what I would say to a gay basher:

Who are you to judge where ANYONE will spend eternity. Marriage should be about love, not religion, nationality, race, ethnicity, and especially gender!!! Who are we as human flesh to judge ANYONE. Thats God's Job. Would Jesus discriminate!?! There are soo many more things to protest and try to fix then people who are in love. Ok sure the bible says that homosexuality is an abomination. Well guess what?! The bible says a lot of things that christians and non-believers don't follow. For example In the bible it says it you are eating something and you don't offer anything to your neighbor you've sinned. Another example, The bible states not to get tattoos because it is harmful to the body and we're supposed to treat it like it was God's own. I don't see anyone protesting outside any tattoo parlors. Noone is outside of any liquor stores protesting since that can relate to one of the seven deadly sins-gluttony. Do you see anyone outside of any beauty pageants?!?! Again.. another deadly sin- Pride. I believe that maybe you yourself is guilty of one of the 7 deadly sins.. Maybe Envy, because you see 2 people in love.. no matter what gender and your just jealous and envious of their love because you can't have that. Supposedly in the bible a divorce isn't allowed unless one has been unfaithful. But yet heterosexual couples still have a high divorce rate, christians and non-believers! What do you have to say to that!?!? Again You cannot blame the bible for your anger and uncomfortable feelings. You have no right to judge anyones relationship with the lord. It's not for you to do. Thats the whole point of judgment day. When you get face to face with God on your judgment day, What will you say you did with his son when he asks you? "oh I tried making the homosexual community miserable" When instead you could be out doing so many more things with his son. Help with Bible school, get more involved with Church, Help someone who is in need of salvation who really needs someone to preach the word to them. There are so many more things to be worried about then 2 people being in LOVE, Because thats what it's all about LOVE. In several different parts of the bible it states to love one another. So you have NO right to judge anyone, And if you do, don't worry you'll get judged just as harshly. So remember treat people the way you would want to be treated. Would you want to be bashed because you had premarital sex, because you have a tattoo, or maybe you like to drink every once in a while. Just remember God is always watching.

Well thats what I would say to someone if I ever had the chance ;).. Hey and by the way I love all my gay family/friends!! 

For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.-Galatians 5:14

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